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Hi! I'm Bri.


I'm an artist based in Saint Augustine, Florida.

I draw, paint, sculpt, and dabble in VR art.

I've been in the professional art world for over ten years, where I have specialized in scenic work, murals, museum design, faux finishing, figure making, and sign painting for museums and themed attractions along the East Coast.

I've had a hand in the creation of several renowned museums including the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum in Boston, MA, and the American Prohibition Museum in Savannah, GA.

I am a proud IATSE member and had the honor to work on National Geographic's "The Right Stuff" as a scenic painter in 2018.

I have assisted in the creation of wax and silicone figures at the nation's oldest wax museum since 2015, and am skilled in the arts of realistic painting, sculpture, and hair punching in both mediums.

In my off-work hours I like to go plein air painting, sketch people at local bars, and spend time in the virtual reality world of TiltBrush, where I create 3D gardens and other fantastical scenes in VR.

I feel a deep love and admiration for Mother Nature and all of her inhabitants, and I hope this is conveyed through my work.

Be kind to all living things.

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